The microventilation system :: Sucroal


Microventilation is a system approved and approved by the Ministry of Housing that allows the window to breathe. which allows a controlled aeration of the room and which in turn complies with the minimum ventilation flows required by the technical building code (CTE). A window equipped with a micro-ventilation system favors air circulation, keeps the climate constant and allows you to save money. This ventilation system is applicable to all types of tilt-and-turn, practicable and sliding windows.

The microventilation system is a device integrated in the window fitting and is activated by activating the cremone bolt (handle), it has the function of allowing a slow and gradual circulation of air, thanks to an opening between approximately 4 and 5 millimeters around the perimeter of the active window sash, the size of the window will have a considerable influence on the air flow.

It is designed to favor proper ventilation without large changes in temperature, being ideal for any weather condition and for those who want to have energy savings under control without giving up enjoying an airy, comfortable environment without sudden changes in temperature inside.

This innovative system stands out for its important economic, thermal, acoustic and aesthetic advantages in relation to other aeration systems (aerators).

Thermal and acoustic advantages:
The micro-ventilation allows the total closure of the enclosure once the room has been ventilated. This allows the window to recover its original acoustic and thermal properties, substantially diminished by other aeration systems.

Economic advantages:
It represents an economic saving of up to 95% compared to aerators. This system is the cheapest on the market by far.

Aesthetic advantages:
As it is a device integrated into the enclosure hardware, it remains hidden from the user at all times, not influencing the aesthetics of the window.

Security advantages:
When the window is in the ventilation position, the window remains in the closed position, and it cannot be opened from the outside.