- Sistema de carpintería para ventanas y puertas correderas de 2,3 y 4 hojas, de excelentes prestaciones para climas cálidos.
- Perfiles extruidos en aleación de aluminio 6060 T5.       

Juntas con material E.P.D.M.                                                                                                           - Juntas de cepillo con sistema "fin-seal".

- Cierres embutidos con condena, uñeros, tiradores y sistemas multipunto.

- Dimensiones base del sistema:
      Marco: 73mm
      Hoja: 24 x 61mm
- Acristalamiento máximo 18mm.
- Espesor general del perfil de 1,5mm.




Mediterranean Balcony Sliding

Mediterranean Balcony Sliding

A single or dual rail sliding balcony system with fixed lights and sashes.

There is a hidden rail in the fixed zone and a straight style in the frame and sash.

Thanks to its large glazing capacity of up to 34 mm, it guarantees a high degree of sound proofing.

The sash and frame are perimetral.


Accoustic insulation

Maximum glazing: 30 mm

Maximum accoustic insulation: Rw = 35 dB


Uw from  2,1 (W/m²K)

Please consult typology, dimensions and glass

Compliance Zones of RCCTE* I1 I2 I3
*Depending on the transmission coefficient thermal glass

Opening possibilities

. Single Rail:
– 1 sash 1 fixed light
– 2 sashes 2 fixed lights

. Dual Rail 2, 3 & 4 sashes

. Possibility galandage in 1 & 2 sashes

Sections / Profile thickness

· Frame – 106 mm
· Sash – 45 mm

Profile thickness:
. Balcony – 1,5 mm

Maximum dimensions / Maximum weight

Maximum dimensions:
Width (L) = 2.200 mm
Height (H) = 2.600 mm

Maximum weight/sash: 240 Kg

*Please consult regarding maximum weight and dimensions for other opening types

Categories achieved at test centre

Air permeability (EN 12207:2000): Class 3

Water tightness (EN 12208:2000): Class 8A

Wind resistance (EN 12210:2000): Class C4

Reference test: 1,49 m x 1,25 m. 1 sash + 1 fixed light.


· Colour powder coating (RAL, mottled & rough)

· Wood effect powder coating

· Anti-bacterial powder coating

· Anodized